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Black Lotus - Tibetian Dynamic Meditation
Tibetan Dynamic Meditation Black Lotus comes to us from ancient times, and was practiced in secret for many centuries in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. This miraculous practice is a blend of body movements, breathing, and deep mind meditation, which helps to build energy and mental balance as well as overall good health. This practice is also the basis for our Black Lotus Palm Healing, an instructional guide, coming soon.

This superbly designed, beautifully filmed DVD is an in-depth, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to “Black Lotus” Tibetan Dynamic Meditation, also known as “Chakra Movements.” These movements look similar to Tai Chi, but they are based on energy structure of chakras rather than on the structure of Chinese meridians.

The first thing you will learn on the DVD is how to use the instructional guide. After that, Dmitriy explains the basics of Chakra Energy. Then, you will learn a series of exercises for developing sensitivity and the basic elements of Chakra Movements. After you’ve accomplished this, you will learn the Chakra Movements themselves. This is followed with a lesson on breathing technique, which should be incorporated into your “Black Lotus” practice.

When you become proficient in “Black Lotus” movements and breathing, you will be able to connect all these elements into one powerful, integrated “Black Lotus” Complex, which will take about 20 minutes of your time for a full session.

The DVD is divided by chapters so you have fast access to each and every step of the session. To the best of our knowledge this is the first instructional guide on Tibetan Chakra Movements in the United States.

Our price: $34.95 (€30.41)
ANUNA Pendant with Lapis
ANUNA Pendant with Lapis

ANUNA pendant represents a potent integration of the sensitivity and independency of a cat with the power and wisdom of a bear. Beside of the healing properties, ANUNA brings you success to your business, career development and legal issues. At the end of the detailed description you can find the healing properties for this particular design.

Our price: $180.00 (€156.60)
Controlled Meditative Training: Guided Meditation Technique for Energy Healing and Relaxation
CONTROLLED MEDITATIVE TRAINING (CMT): Guided meditation technique for Energy Healing and Relaxation is a powerful integration of Taoist approach with a healing power of mind suggestions (coding). This science-meets-ancient-wisdom technique helps to reduce stress level, balance your bio-rhythms and activate the course of energy healing by activation of self-regulation process. This practice also helps to harmonize your inner energy with the energy of Universe. Therefore, CMT is not only a great way to balance your inner energy, but it is also a marvelous tool for spiritual development.

Our price: $19.95 (€17.36)
Controlled Meditative Training: Guided Meditative Technique for Weight Loss and Control
Controlled Meditative Training for Weight Loss and Control is an intermediate level program, which will help you to achieve ultimate results. This program contains detailed instructions on balancing your nervous and digestive systems, control of appetite, improving metabolism, and optimizing your hormonal balance. The music for this program, (also created by Dmitriy Gushchin), written especially for this CD, has a powerfull bio-energetic effect on the body. As a test we tried using the music by itself, without instructions, for our clients and we were able to achieve very good results! In combination, music and instructions create a powerfull tool for achieving your ultimate figure. On this CD you will also find Dmitriy’s music without the narration, so you can design your own session when you are able to do so. It is reccommended to use this CD every other day, using the Beginners' program the rest of the days.

Our price: $29.95 (€26.06)
Chakra Animal Meditation
The meditation technique presented on this CD is based on ancient psycho-energetic techniques of India and Tibet. Utilizing the similarity between chakra consciousness and animal consciousness, this meditation will help balance your psycho-emotional sphere, reduce stress, and recupe your bio-energetic system. You can use this unique practice as an excellent tool for your spiritual development or simply for achieving good health. This CD contains a brief explanation of the theory behind the meditation; a meditation session with music; and a session of music without narration, so you can create your own unique session. Please note that during the session only half of the narration span is covered by music, the other half contains only narration to avoid suggestion for your visualization. Thank you for allowing me to share the gift of meditation with you.

Our price: $19.95 (€17.36)
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